Our Programs


We believe that Daycare will provide a stimulating and safe environment for children ages one year to six years.

Developing listening and language skills

Emotional, physical and social engagement

Developing a grasp hold to enable scribbling


Our Playgroup program is committed upon nurturing a child’s basic teaching needs through verbal cues. We prefer to train them with basic necessities like sharing habits, eating habits, etc.

Developing Numeracy, linguistic and Literacy skills

Inculcating Life-long learning skills

Developing creative and constructive skills


In the nursery, we aim at creating an informal learning experience that generates a proactive foundation for preschool.

Development of aesthetic, imaginative and inquisitiveness senses.

Exploring and encouraging inbuilt talents

Improving the pincer grip of children for better holding of things, specially handwriting

Junior KG

Our Junior KG concentrates on utilizing a child’s curiosity and improves their social skills and social manners.

Promoting reading, writing and speaking and listening skills

Creating the road for Critical thinking

Promoting self-confidence

Senior KG

Our KG-II program encourages children to learn and question, it also facilitates them to develop a sense of responsibility and strenghtens their memory.

Physical, Personal, Social, Emotional Skills

Literature And Language Skills

Language and Math skills

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